This set of paintings was created during the 4th Colloquium on the Modalities of the Good organised by the Institute of Philosophy, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and Department of Philosophy, University of Pardubice, 23-25 July, 2014, Prague.

I would like to thank Kamila Pacovska and Marina Barabas for making this happen.

The art-works were painted in situ during the lectures of the individual speakers. Each of the paintings is marked with the name of the speaker. The paintings reflect in a visual way not only the topics the lectures but also the overall style of the speaker and the specific atmosphere co-created by all the participants.  

Having the chance to see a visual reflection of the lectures opens up new channels for discussion and enables new perspectives of view for the speakers as well as the audience. New communication space unfolds towards an unexpected interdisciplinary dialogue.

If you like this approach, let me know!

If you're organising a conference / colloquium / meeting and would like to have a painter there to make an artistic record of what can't be put in words, feel free to contact me! I'll be happy to cooperate!