Art Historian

Helena’s research is centered on the 'long 19th century' and the 1900s period in British, European and Japanese art, including the Pre-Raphaelites, Victorian art, Art Nouveau, Secession, and the study of cultural transfer and internationalism.

Helena’s on-going PhD research at the University of York deals with the reception of British art in Bohemia (nowadays Czech Republic) around 1900. While Bohemia’s connection to Austria, Germany and France has been explored in great depth in previous scholarship, the response to British art in Bohemia is a rarely addressed topic. Helena is very passionate about uncovering this new angle of looking at Bohemian Art Nouveau, linking it to Victorian and Pre-Raphaelite art. This also enables Helena to showcase Bohemian art around 1900 in its European context, exploring fin de siècle Europe as a lively network of international influences and intercultural communications.

During her BA, Helena focused on Czech/ Bohemian Art Nouveau and 1900s painting and sculpture. For her MA, Helena researched a collection of traditional Japanese toys, linking them to the vibrant culture of Meiji Japan (post 1868). This included the opening of Japan to the West, and exploring the multi-faceted response of Japanese arts and crafts to the new aesthetic approach represented by overseas trends.

The research projects Helena carried out for the Czech National Museum included the influence of Japanese woodcut prints on Euro-American art, the study of Japanese traditional toys, and research on Buddhist art objects in European collections. Helena often returns to these topics when giving public talks (Japan Society North West, Doki Doki Manchester festival etc). She is especially fascinated by the colour woodcut print artists working towards the end of the century, such as Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, who had actively engaged with Western art.

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