Book of Changes by Kamila Ženatá 

Book of Changes by Kamila Ženatá 

The exhibition was curated by Helena Cox for Beverley Art Gallery, in collaboration with Hosek Contemporary Gallery in Berlin (Germany), and was most kindly supported by the Czech Centre London (UK).  

Immersive video-art installation at Beverley Art Gallery *** Kamila Ženatá is a Czech contemporary multi-media artist with international reputation, drawing up on her extensive experience with art therapy. This exhibition is a tribute to the ‘Book of Changes’, an ancient Chinese collection of wisdom. Since its dispersal across Western cultures, The Book of Changes had a profound influence on modern psychology, literature and art. Kamila created eight videos celebrating the natural elements appearing as symbols in the Book. The videos are shown simultaneously thus creating an immersive experience for all senses, celebrating synchronicity and mutual interaction. 

With over 200 exhibitions worldwide, Kamila represents an unconventional phenomenon on the Czech art scene. Like a brook gradually growing into a river, the graphic art student has successively become a painter, then a multimedia artist, therapist and author. In her artistic work, Kamila consistently pursues two main directions. One being her interest in shared memory, individual memories, dreams, networks of relations and influences (the unconscious) and other principles, operating outside of conventional time and space. The other direction is Kamila’s observations and monitoring of the phenomena and changing states of nature. The shared field of both of these directions is the perception of the world as a play of energies, continuously transforming into narratives in an ineffable cycle. Kamila lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic.

Video credits: That's TV Humber, 2019 

 Accompanying events: There were four talks offered for free alongside the exhibition where the curator took visitors on a tour of the gallery finding out about how multimedia art relates to the Book of Changes and its ancient Chinese wisdom. The talks elaborated on how Kamila’s videos bring together mindfulness and love of nature, and served as an intorduction into certain aspects of contemporary art These took the form of a relaxed and informal chat with various audiences.

Tue 12 Feb 1:30pm/ Thur 28 Feb 1:30pm/ Sat 2 March 1:30pm/ Tue 12 March 1:30pm